IV Therapy FAQs

1. What is the structure of the class?

– It is a dual certification class. You receive two certificates. One for IV therapy and one for Blood withdrawal. It is a 36 hour course held over 4 days. Per BVNPT requirement, it is 27 hours of Theory and 9 hours of Clinical.
Day 1, 2, 3: 7 hours theory, 2 hours clinical (8am-5:30pm)
Day 4: 8 hours theory, 1 hour clinical (8am-5:30pm)

2. Do we practice on each other or on models? Do we practice in the hospital on actual patients?

– Practice is done in the lab.
– Practice is done first on models, and then students practice on each other. Each student is required to perform 3 successful venipunctures and 3 capillary sticks on a live human subject.

3. I am an RN can I take the class?
– Yes, the course is for certification for LVNs. However, RN students take the course because they need the education and practice as it is not always adequately covered during nursing school.
– IV therapy/ Blood Withdrawal is not within the initial scope of practice for LVNs, however, they can perform it if they get certified by a board approved school (Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technician (BVNPT). Quest Nursing Education Center is a board approved school
– as an RN, IV therapy/blood withdrawal is already within your scope of practice so technically you cannot get a certification (it’s like getting certification for taking a blood pressure when it is already expected within your scope). However, upon successful completion of this course, BOTH RNs and LVNs get a certificate of completion. LVNs get the title added to their licenses, RNs don’t need the addition but the certificate demonstrates competency and verifies completion of a BVNPT course.
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4. I don’t have my license yet but I have completed an approved LVN program, can I still take the class?
– Yes, you can still take the class and you do get a certificate of completion, however, we must receive your license number before we send off information to the board.

5. Do I have to get stuck with a needle?
– You are not required to get stuck but if you object to being practiced on, you must get prior approval from the instructor to register for the class.

6. Do we have to take a certification exam like the NCLEX?
– No. To pass the class, you must have an overall grade of at least 80 percent on all total coursework. Course work includes quizzes, exams, case studies, discussions etc.

7. Do I get a license from the board for this course? How long does it take for my certification to show?
-The board does not send you a license; they add it on to your LVN license. When you check online, your license will have a notation stating that you are certified in IV therapy and Blood Withdrawal.

– This depends on the board, it may take anywhere from 2-8weeks after course completion. You may contact the BVNPT directly to verify processing times. However, at the completion of the course, you get the original copy of the document that gets sent to the board and you can show that to potential employers.