LVN Challenge Program



Quest Nursing Education Center is approved by the Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education (BPPE) to offer an LVN challenge Program. This is a 152-hour program (6 months) designed to educate a Certified Nursing Assistant about nursing skills and competencies required to perform as a competent Vocational Nurse. The course includes vocational nursing curriculum review with strategies for Nclex Licensure exam review, Vocational nursing skills review, and paid work nursing experience in the pediatric setting. Knowledge regarding medical-surgical nursing, fundamentals of nursing, basic nursing skills, medication administration, anatomy and physiology, and the pathophysiology of disease are integrated throughout the curriculum. Through utilization of the nursing process within the LVN scope of practice, the student will begin to recognize alterations in functioning or illness and implement age-appropriate nursing interventions.

This program is designed for individuals who will be utilizing method 3; the equivalency method to qualify for the Vocational Nursing Licensure with the BVNPT. The equivalency method permits unlicensed individuals who have had extensive inpatient bedside nursing care experience, plus a limited amount of formal education, to demonstrate that they have acquired sufficient basic nursing knowledge to be eligible for the licensure examination. Qualifying for the licensure examination based on prior education and experience often referred to as “the equivalency method”, requires the applicant to provide documentation of a minimum of 51 months of paid general duty inpatient bedside nursing experience in a clinical facility and completion of a 54-theory-hour pharmacology course. If the applicant has successfully completed additional formal nursing education, that education may be substituted for some of the required bedside nursing experience.

Please note that achieving licensure via the equivalency method may limit the licensee’s ability to be hired as a licensed vocational nurse or psychiatric technician. No other state accepts licensees who have been licensed via this method. In addition to licensure, some healthcare facilities within California require that their potential employees be graduates of approved nursing or psychiatric technician programs. Such facilities will not hire licensees who have achieved licensure via the equivalency method. If you have questions about licensure in another state, please contact that state’s board of nursing. If you have questions about the hiring practice of a particular health care facility in California, please contact that facility. For information about method 3 please see

Additional Disclosure:

This Program does not guarantee eligibility for LVN licensure with the qualification based on education and experience. Eligibility is determined by the BVNPT. Students may submit an employment application with the BVNPT prior to taking this course to determine if they already meet Qualification Based on Equivalent Education and/or Experience, section 2873 of the Vocational Nursing Practice Act and section 2516(b) of the California Code of Regulations



  1. High school Diploma, GED, or equivalent
  2. Must provide proof of at least 4 years (7680 hours) of paid full-time employment inpatient nursing experience in a skilled nursing facility or inpatient hospital setting and an active California Nursing Assistant certification. The proof will include documentation from both human resources and nursing supervisor from the Workplace setting utilized. Some formal coursework from previous attendance in a nursing program may be substituted for paid work experience
  3. Verification of nursing skills competency by nursing supervisor
  4. Completion of or current enrollment in a 54 hr pharmacology course that includes; Knowledge of commonly used drugs & action, Computation of dosages, Preparation of medications, & Principles of administration
  5. Concurrent enrollment or completion of a child growth and development course from any accredited institutions.
  6. Be in good physical and Mental Health (Verified by a health practitioner via a physical examination and Tuberculosis screening). The following immunizations are required: MMR Vaccination (Measles Mumps Rubella), Varicella, TB Test- (Tuberculosis) and the test must be within the past 6 months before the class start date. If known to be PPD positive, must have a negative chest x-ray.
  1. Successfully pass a Criminal Screening Background Test.
  2. Pay Tuition.




  • Complete enrollment agreement-Payment required
  • Submit all required documents by due date (High school cert, social security card, ID,   Physical exam, TB test or x-ray if applicable, Flu shot (during flu season- nov-march)- Please note that clinical work site might require additional medical info such as immunizations etc.

LVN CHALLENGE PROGRAM – COURSE FEES- $13000– payable to institution

$250 Application/Registration Fee (Non Refundable*)
$250 Course materials (Non Refundable*, Not Returnable)
$250 Insurance Fee (Non Refundable*)$150 Background Check Fee* (Non Refundable*)

$100 Lab Fee* (Non-Refundable*)

$0     Student Tuition Recovery Fee ( Non Refundable*)
$12000 Tuition ( $78.9 per clock hour)

Total Charges Paid to Institution : $13000






*The student has a right to cancel and obtain a refund of charges according to the standards set forth by CEC 94920 (b) which states: Institutions shall refund 100 percent of the amount paid for institutional charges, less a reasonable deposit or application fee not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250), If notice of cancellation is made through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later.


Additional Charges (Approximate cost by student to a third party {student responsibility})- $790

BVNPT FEES, LIVESCAN, Examination fees- $400
Physical Exam/TB test and Immunizations: $100
2 Uniforms (Burgundy Colored Scrubs) and shoes- $100

Blood pressure kit: $30

Textbooks: $160


12-week course sessions (72 theory hours, 80 clinical/work experience hours)  

Theory- Wednesdays 8am-2:30 pm ( 2 times a month), Clinical ( 16 hours a month)- 2 shifts a month